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About Us

Ralph and Renda Hewitt

Ralph and Renda Hewitt lived in Waxahachie, Texas where they were married in 1995. Renda was in real estate sales, they owned a construction company and Ralph had a mediation practice. Needless to say, the phones were ringing day and night. Ralph said enough (to himself of course) and started researching places to go by the sea that were nice and inexpensive. Ralph is a sailor at heart so he started there first and found Pelican Eyes sailing tours right here in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Ralph had several conversations with the owner of the boat who said “come on down”, the weather is 85-95 degrees all year round with a cool easterly breeze and no bugs! Well Ralph thought “that sounds like a good place to visit!” So they did…

Two weeks in May of 2003 turned out to be the beginning of a lifetime dream for both of them, living by the ocean and enjoying paradise at the same time. In early 2005 construction began on Park Avenue Villas Hotel and was opened for business in Sept 2006. There are a lot of stories in between! Ralph and Renda enjoy sitting on the deck in the evenings, talking to hotel guests and toasting the sunset. Many of their north American friends come and go at throughout the year.

Truly, in San Juan del Sur, there are “No Bad Days”!