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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Since Park Avenue Villas Hotel has a kitchen in the suites, are there grocery stores we can find our favorite foods?
A. Yes, there are corner stores where you can get everything you want. The open market is a walk away from the hotel, you can find all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies.

Q. Can you drink the water?
A. You can drink the water out of the faucet and most Nicaraguans do. We prefer bottled water because of the high content of minerals and calcium in the tap water. We have the 5 gallon jugs of water for purchase at the hotel.

Q. Are the people friendly?
A. Nicaraguan people are delightful. Say “hola” (hello) to someone on the street and you get a big beautiful smile an hola right back! They love out of country people and want to learn English so they can communicate.

Q. What is the language?
A. Spanish is the main language. More and more are learning English. With hand signals and broken Spanish and their little bit of English, you will get along just fine. If possible, brush up on your Spanish and you will have lots of fun communicating with the friendly Nicaraguan people.

Q. How far is San Juan del Sur from the airport?
A. San Juan del Sur is a 2 hour drive from Managua and the airport. It is best to travel during the day because there are people walking, biking, riding horses at night and it is hard to see them on the roads at night.

Q. How do we get to San Juan del Sur if we don’t rent a car?
A. It is best to rent a taxi or van service to pick you up and bring you to the hotel. Once you arrive, if you want a rent car, there are plenty in San Juan to rent.

Q. How is the weather?
A. During the day, year round it ranges from 75-95 F. In the evening it drops to the 80’s.
The rainy season is May-October. You will have a shower in the evening, night, or morning. The rain comes straight down and only lasts for a little while. During this period you will see the most beautiful sunsets and lightning show. Most people don’t mind the rain. They stand under a tree until it passes or they keep on walking. After all , when you live in a beach town, you should always be prepared to get wet! November-December is a beautiful time of the year, nice cool breezes and sunny days. January-March is the windy season, some days there will be a hefty wind, other days, very calm.

Q. Is there any crime?
A. No, not to speak of. You take the normal precautions as you do anywhere else. Don’t leave a bag lying on the beach unattended. Carry a flash light if you are walking at night so passing cars can see you and you can see where you are walking. A pot hole in the street is not uncommon. There is a police presence, but, they are not driving the streets.

Q. Are there any hospitals close by?
A. There is a very nice hospital in Managua, 2 hours away. San Juan del Sur has a small clinic to patch up scrapes and bruises. Medicines are available without prescriptions. Dentists in Managua are professional and a third of the costs of other countries.

Q. What shopping is there?
A. Several small shops are located throughout San Juan del Sur where you can purchase anything you need. Bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, jewelry and much more is plentiful along with wonderful art objects made in Nicaragua. If you want mall shopping, you will find plenty of nice malls in Managua.

Q. Are there nice restaurants?
A. Well if you call nice, sitting in the open air watching the waves lap at patio and watching the kids play in the surf and dining on fresh fish caught that morning, yes there are plenty. You will find about fifteen open air restaurants on the beach and many more scattered around the town. Sushi, lobster, Mexican, Hawaiian, Texas dining, Mediterranean, steaks, Nicaraguan dishes, just to name a few.
If you want the flavor of the town, go to the market and enjoy one of the open cafes, have the traditional plate: rice, beans, potatoes, fish or chicken, and salad for around $3.00.

Q. What airport do we fly into?
A. Managua airport, the code is MGA. Most airlines fly into Managua. Check out TACA airlines, they fly into San Salvador and then to Managua.

Q. How do we get to San Juan del Sur from the airport?
A. There are van services and taxis that go back and forth to San Juan del Sur. Go to our links for a van service. Be sure and book your van service before coming to Nicaragua. There are rental cars available at the airport and in San Juan del Sur.

Q. If we arrive late at night, is there a good hotel near the airport?
A. Many hotels, we recommend the Camino Real Managua. The web site is
The hotel is about one mile from the airport. The hotel service will pick you up at the airport. The rate is approximately $85 per night with the Park Avenue Villas Hotel discount rate (be sure and ask for the discount). Pharaohs Casino is right next door for a night of fun.

Q. What is there to do in San Juan del Sur?
A. There are many excursions we can book for you. Day trips to see the turtles or overnight trips to see the coffee plantations. Just tell us what you want to see. Swim in the bay or take a water taxi to one of the other beaches. Fishing, surfing, sailboat rides, canopy tour, diving, and much more. Bring your cameras!

Q. Can we go for a sailing trip on “No Bad Days” sailboat?
A. Yes, the sea scouts with take out a group of at least four people for a full day with lunch or a half day. Just ask at reception for details or email for information. Go to the web site

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